The VID Awards –International Wine Packaging Contest organized by the Rioja’s Marketing Club “Club de Marketing de La Rioja” and the Rioja’s Economic Development Agency through CEDIR (Centro de Diseño Integral de La Rioja), and whose first edition will be held in 2019, are convened to acknowledge excellence in the conceptualization, design and production of wine packaging, understood as the combination of bottle, label, back label and capsule, in the case of traditional glass containers, or any similar combination in the case of other types of containers (aluminum, cardboard, plastic, etc.).

The contest’s goal is to identify the best inwine packaging, going further than the design limits, with the aim of spreading the culture of design in wine packaging and making it a tool for its expansion and promotion. Participants in the contest will help to define the status of the industry’s art.


Wineries from all over the world may participate in the Contest, or they may be represented by the design studios or agencies that have produced the works. In any case, participants agree to provide the contest organisers with all the necessary materials, including sending a limited number of units for each of the entries submitted.

Entries must correspond to packaging designs of wines that are currently in the market or have been within two years prior to the publication of these contest rules, with at least 100 units. Participants must be able to prove this fact upon request from the contest organisers.

  • Single entry €25 + VAT (€30.25)
  • Following entries €20 + VAT (€24.20)

To be deposited in bank account: ES16 2085 5651 3203 0047 9666

For the entries to be valid, a PDF document containing exclusively, and without credits, the image (or images) of the bottle or container to be entered into the contest must be attached to the entry form, together with a specification sheet (wine name, producing winery, design author(s), heads of design at the winery, price per bottle, and total number of units produced in a vintage).

The finalists will have to send sample bottles or containers matching their entry, bearing the cost of delivery or using the service that the organization may choose to offer. The organiser will not accept any freight collect. No material, bottle or container sent to the organization shall be returned to the sender.


Entries must be submitted through the contest website, www.premiosvid.com, between June 13 and October 15, 23:59H, 2019.

Assessment of all entries received will start immediately after this deadline, and therefore it may not be extended under any circumstances.

On October 18, 2019, the finalists will be notified of having reached the final round. From that
momenton, they will have 15 calendar days to send three (3) units of the finalist entries so that they may be physically assessed by the jury.

Finalist units must be sent to

Club de Marketing de La Rioja
Calle Medrano, 12
26008 Logroño, La Rioja
Recepción: 09:00 a 14:00 horas

International entries: when sending the bottles and containers, the package must be clearly marked on the outside with the following message: “International Awards, Content has No Commercial Value”.

In the event that the units sent do not match the work presented in the PDF attached to the entry form, this entry will be automatically null and void, and the contestant shall not be entitled to make any related claim.


All categories shall be physically assessed by the jury during November 2019 and the outcome shall be announced at the Wine Packaging Forum to be held in La Rioja (Spain) on November 21, 2019. A jury selected for the VID Awards will assess each of the finalists. Club de Marketing de La Rioja, Centro de Diseño Integral de la Rioja and Escuela de Diseño de La Rioja (ESDIR) are responsible for selecting the jury that shall decide the granting of the awards.

Members of the jury (probably between 4 and 6, although it may be more) will have renowned experience in the wine industry, design and communication, or in any other field of knowledge that the organizers deem as relevant. These jury members must coherently justify the reason for their final decision.

No jury member that has collaborated with the work being assessed, or has had a direct professional relation in 2018 or 2019 or is a direct relative of any of the project’s agency/studio employees or the winery that produces the wine under consideration shall be able to vote.

The jury’s final decision is indisputable and secret, and will not be announced until the award ceremony.

Conceptual quality, formal quality, functionality, excellence and success in the market serve as sample criteria to be taken into account by the jury.


The jury shall grant a Grand VID Prize and a gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal. However, the prizes may also be declared unawarded.

In addition, a series of categories are established to acknowledge, by way of Special Mentions, works undertaken for wine packaging, with a maximum of 3 SpecialMentions per category:

  • Labels
  • Capsules
  • Bottles
  • Other containers

The awards will be honorary, although all finalists will receive a diploma that identifies them as such or as recipients of any of the Special Mentions, Awards or Grand Prize and they will participate in the exhibition planned to his effect, which is intended to be a travelling exhibition.

In addition, the winner of the Grand Prize will receive a trophy and will take part in the publicity campaign to follow the award ceremony.


All participants who submit an entry to the contest guarantee the authenticity of all the data provided and claim to be the owners of all rights of images and designs used to make the packaging. The organization shall not be liable for any issue related to the authenticity of the data entered by the participants in the entry forms, nor will it be liable for any claim related to plagiarism. Likewise, the organization declines any liability for any damage to the packaging or in the event it is lost due to reasons beyond the organization’s control.

Participants expressly grant the organization the right to use and reproduce the works submitted to the contest for promotional purposes or to advertise the prizes.

Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of these rules of entry.


Contest rules in a PDF document to be able to consult, print …